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Camera Battery and Charger Rental in Key West, FL

Not Available Separately from Camera/Equipment Rentals

DIGIpower TC-1000 Battery Charger

Rental includes one battery adapter of your choice.

Digital display for percentage of charge. U.S. and Europe Plugs.

Full battery charge in one hour with DigiPower Chargers.

Rental: $20.00 24 Hrs. Replacement Cost: $60.00 (Charger $40.00 & Plate $20.00)


DigiPower TC-500S Travel Charger also available, slightly smaller, with choice of one of any available adapters.

Full battery charge in one hour.

Rental $20.00 24 Hrs. Replacement Cost: $60.00 (Charger $40.00 & Plate $20.00)

All adapters fit both the Digipower chargers.

Adapters: (1) Sony NP-BG1; (2) Sony NP-FT1/NP-BD1; (3) NP-F570/F770/F970; (4) NP-FM50/FM55H/NP-QM71 and (5) Sony NP-FE1.

Adapter for Sony FP50, NP-FH40/50/60/70 and Adapter for Sony NP-F570/F770/F970, NP-FM50 and similar 7.2V Battery.

Adapters for Cannon NB1L, NB2L, NB3L, and NB5L.

Adapter for Nikon EN-EL9.

Cannon BP Battery Charger

Cannon Charger Front

Charges Cannon BP911, BP915/930/945 battery.

Rental: $20.00 for 24 Hours. Replacement Cost: $25.00

Includes car adapter if needed.

Battery shown available for rental separately. See below.

Cannon Charger Back

Cannon LH Battery Charger

Cannon Charger fits NB2L/2LH/2LH 12/14 Battery.

Rental $20.00 for 24 Hrs. Replacement Cost $25.00

Additional Battery Chargers- Travel Size

1. Professional Charger w AC/Car Plugs, from Digital Power Pro, Inc. Fits Panasonic CGR-D battery used for our portable video light. For Panasonic CGA-D54/CGR-D120/D320. Fits D110/220/16, D28/120/320, VBD070/310, VB140/210, DU07/14/21. Rental $25.00 24 Hr. Replacement Cost: $45.00

2. Cannon LP-E5 Battery Charger. For Cannon Digital SLR Cameras and other devices. Rental: $20.00 for 24 Hrs. Replacement Cost: $25.00. Also available 2 Battery Packs 7.2v 2000mAh $5.00 each with charger rental.

Back of a travel charger, most are similar.

Camcorder/Camera Battery for Rent

All batteries are $5.00 for 24 Hrs. with a charger rental.
$20.00 for 24 Hrs. each without a charger rental. Replacement Cost $50.00 ea.

Cannon LP-E5 7.2v 2000mAh DSLR. (2 Available).

Cannon BP-511A 7.4v 2200mAh Li-ion Battery Pack.

Cannon BP-930G 7.4v 2500mAh Li-ion Battery Pack.

Panasonic CGR-DU06 7.2v 640mAh Li-ion Battery Pack.

Panasonic CGA-DU14 Li-ion 7.4v 1500mAh Battery Pack.

Panasonic CGR-D120 7.4 v. 1200mAh Li-ion Battery Pack.

Sony NP-FM50 7.2v 1500mAh Battery Pack.

Sony NP-FH70 Li-ion 7.4v 1500mAh Battery Pack.

Battery and charger for Olympus C-50 digital camera LI-12B/10B Battery and Charger

Two batteries available. Battery charger with AC plug and car 12vdc adapter.

Battery for Olympus C-50, C-60 and similar digital cameras. 3.7 Volts, 1400mAh.

Rental: Battery $5.00 ea. w/Charger. Charger $20.00 ea. 24 Hours.

Video Camera Power Supplies

Sony AC Power Adaptor DC Out 8.4v 1.5A Model No. AC-L20A, AC-L25A(B), AC-L200.

See Grip/Gaffer page for associated power supplies.

Rental $20.00 for 24 hours. Replacement Cost: $35.00 INV# 224

Sony camera power supply


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