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BPO SwirlDJ Party Disco Lighting for Rent in Key West, FL
Add More Excitement to Your Event with Party Lighting
Save Money on Your Wedding Reception, Your Sales Event, Your Party.

BPO SwirlParty in Paradise from Key West to Marthon

truss lighting- right side Stands and Trusses, lighting of all types, lasers, mirror balls, smoke machines, bubble machines, strobes, moving head lights, and more will be available shortly. Stand alone systems that automatically follow the music and full DMX controlled DJ systems coming soon.

Ask your DJ what lighting equipment they have, and then come rent the best here.

BPO SwirlDual Mirror Ball Spectacular Package

Add the ultimate splash to your event without going full disco fever. We are the only place with a dual mirror ball stand for rent. It uses special heavy duty steel brackets we invented and had manufactured. Visit DiscoPartyUS for more information.

The 4 foot truss on a stand that goes up to 9 feet high, has two 8" mirror balls with motors that each have 16 LEDs. The stand has 12 pin spots, 3 each red, blue, green and white at the top of the stand on four extension brackets. The bottom of the stand has a bracket holding 4 pin spots to light the mirror balls from beneath. Finally, there are 4 multi-color, multi-LED par can lights on top of the truss.

The pin spots can be turned on and off by a wireless remote control. The 4 par can lights on top can also be controlled separately by a wireless remote control.

Only $195.00 for up to 4 hours, with a sound equipment rental that includes delivery/pickup. Other situations, please ask for a quote.

BPO SwirlFX Entertainment Package

The FX package includes a Fog Machine and a Bubble Machine. (Includes a 1/2 quart of fog fluid & Bubble Fluid in the package price with more available.) The FX package is a 4 foot truss on a stand that goes up to 9 feet. It includes multiple lights, strobes and lasers.

Only $175.00 for up to 4 hours. Rent both stands for $295.00

The FX entertainment package can also be added to the Ultimate Disco Fever and eliminate the stand as the UDF package has a 12 foot long truss system with 2 stands at only $125.00. The UDF package is $550.00 for up to 4 hours.

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