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Party Disco Lighting for Rent in Key West, FL
Add More Excitement to Your Event with TVkeywest Party Lighting

Save Money on Your Wedding Reception, Your Sales Event, Your Party or other Special Event.

Truss system and lights Stands and Trusses, lighting of all types, lasers, mirror balls, smoke machines, bubble machines, strobes, moving head lights soon available, and more will be available shortly. Stand alone systems that are easy to transport and setup. TVkeywest.com -- the Florida Keys only full Audio/Video/Lighting House --is the ONLY and EXCLUSIVE source with disco and party lighting. Our custom designed and manufactured steel brackets allow more on our truss stands than anyone else could ever do.

Package 1: Dual Mirror Ball Spectacular

Add some splash to your event with or without going full disco fever.

All 7-8 ft. high stands with a 4 ft. truss. These packages are made possible by steel brackets we designed and had manufactured.

Dual Mirror Ball Tower Includes: Two 8" Mirror Balls with AC operated motors and small LEDs lighting from above. 8 pin spots of various colors light the mirror balls from a slightly higher elevation. 4 pin spots from below clamped to the stand above the legs light the mirror balls from below.

Photos and video taken prior to an event on a very windy Thompson Island, Key West.

The stand includes two lasers (not shown - added after the photos) which each create 56 different patterns. These can be aimed how you like during equipment setup included in the $30 delivery and pickup charge. Includes a wireless remote control with two channels. (1) Controls the on/off of the pin spots and allows dimming them for different effects. (2) controls turning the two lasers on and off. Create different effects and moods.

RENTAL: Up to 4 hrs. $65.00

Price includes setup. Perfect for use in a tent, gazebo, indoors, etc. Stands come with professional sandbags for safety.

The video shows the unit before we added the 2 lasers.

Package 2: Special Effects Spectacular

The light fixtures can be set to automatically respond to the music or can be set in various program modes to operate automatically.

The first video shows the bubble machine working and the second video shows the fog machine.
Your device will pick the best of the 3 video formats offered by our video system.

This stand with a 4 ft. truss contains a Bubble Machine at one end and a Chauvet Fog Machine at the other end. Inbetween are two fixed color pin spots (optional DMX controlled pin spots) intended to light the bubbles and 2 for the fog. Using our custom brackets two 12 LED RGBW Par-Cans which can be programmed for different effects (but generally set to flash each color rapidly in sucesssion) are set slightly above the bubble and fog machines to provide downward lighting. The Par-Cans can also be DMX controlled, thus is the DMX pin spots are ordered, all 4 lights can be DMX controlled to be operated by your DJ or lighting person.

The Fog Machine has a wired remote control. The Bubble Machine has a wireless remote control and the second channel of the remote controls turning the lights on and off. This allows you to control all the effects remotely.

In combination with the Dual Mirror Ball Spectacular, you can use the 2 pin spots to provide additional lighting from another direction for the mirror balls. They can light the bubbles and the fog with the mirror balls at the same time, for even more excitement.

RENTAL: Up to 4 hrs. $75.00. Includes a pint of bubble fluid and a pint of fog fluid, which goes surprisingly far. Additional containers are also delivered as per your needs. Each is $10.00 per bottle or partial bottle. Fluid returned (full pint bottles) are refunded within 10 days. DMX option, add $10.00.

Package 3: Tower of Power

The Tower of Power includes many lighting effects plus a powerful MrDJ laser. Includes a1byOne MoonFlower fixture (same as Chauvet) to counter balance the laser. This is the most lighting power anyone ever has placed onto a 4 ft. truss stand.

RENTAL: Up to 4 hrs. $65.00

ALA CARTE: Also available to support your event or production, we have available a DMX Controller, a rack mountable 8 channel AC power distributor with lighted switches, a Matrix DMX Pro+ 4 channel dimmer pack with 2 outlets per channel by Optima Lighting, a 4 channel DMX relay box for turning lights on and off, plus various lighting effects. A DJ laptop stand is available. For large events an entire 12 ft. truss system with 4 ft. truss bars at each end, with various lighting effects available ala carte. Also has a TV hanging mount and a 43" 4K UHD Smart TV available for rental. Can include a Sony BluRay/DVD player with 4K Upscale, Bluetooth, Wireless Lan, 3D and other features.

Lighting may require a site survey which is $35.00 if we have not done previous events at that location.

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