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Fostex MR8 MKII 8-Track Digital Recorder for Rent in Key West, FL

GLINN Media Division of Blue Planet Offices, Inc.

The ultimate record-anywhere multitrack.

Capture inspiration whenever and wherever you are. The new MR-8 Mk II is the easiest to use digital multitrack ever. If you can operate a tape recorder, you’ll be recording and multitracking within minutes of opening the box.

By putting all the major controls and functions right there on the top panel instead of buried in a confusing menu system, the MR-8 Mk II, unlike some other recorders, actually aids you in capturing your musical ideas. In addition there’s great sounding built-in digital effects, guitar amp and mic simulators, handy mix-down effects, plus the ability to hook up to a PC for data editing, and backing up your songs. You create. Fostex records.

Fostex MR8 MKII 8-Track Digital Recording Studio New for the Mk II is the USB host feature which allows for the easy connection of an 'off-the-shelf' CD-R burner via USB. Making CD masters has never been more simple.

Recording time

Recording time in normal mode (16bit/44.1kHz) is approx. 25 track-minutes on the supplied 128MB CF card and 50 track-minutes on a 256MB card. Extended mode (16bit/22.05kHz) doubles the recording time. Note that recording time varies depending on recorded source, punch in/out, undo/redo status, etc.

Fostex MR8


8 tracks of recording and playback using CompactFlash cards

2 track simultaneous recording

Superb in-built digital effects inc Mic and Amp simulations

USB Host function for CD burning with 'off-the-shelf' CD burner

2 mic inputs with +48V Phantom Power


8-track recording onto CompactFlash Card.

High quality sound recording and playback with uncompressed linear 16-bit/44.1 kHz digital audio (normal mode) with 2 track simultaneous recording and 8 track playback.

LP Mode (16-bit/22.05 kHz) doubles the recording time.

Physical knobs and buttons for intuitive operations. A new dial knob for menu selection.

Fostex Custom Case holds MR8 Newly added +48V Phantom Power on all two Mic Inputs for wider choice of microphones.

USB Host function ready for CD burning on an off-the-shelf external CD-R drive.

Improved 132 x 64 dot-matrix LCD and self illuminating keys visually show the current status.

Improved built-in digital effects including Reverb, Delay as well as Guitar Amp and Microphone simulations

Black colored top panel design

Analog guitar distortion with the dedicated knob on Input A.

Full-track (8-track) bouncing to a "New Song (track 7/8) for PC transfer and CD burning.

Mastering effects for stereo buss.

USB port for stereo WAV file transfer to and from PC

AC and Battery (6 x AA alkaline cells) operation. Approx. 4 hours maximum operation time with batteries.

Built-in microphone for handy song memo.

Two headphones outputs.

Free "WAV Manager" software available for multiple mono files transfer to and from PC

1 Gigabyte Compact Flash

Technical Description
Recording / Playback

Recording medium CompactFlash

Recording time approx. 6 minutes (8-track on 256MB CF) normal mode

Recording format FAT16

Sampling frequency 44.1 kHz (Normal Mode), 22.05 kHz (LP Mode)

Quantization 16-bit linear (non-compression)

A/D converter 24-bit Delta-Sigma

D/A converter 24-bit Delta-Sigma

No. of recording track 8 tracks maximum

No. of simultaneous rec. 2 tracks

Recording/reproduction frequency 20 Hz - 20 kHz (Normal Mode)

Dynamic range 87dB or more (typical) (Normal Mode)

T.H.D. 0.05% or less (typical) (Normal Mode)

Inputs / Outputs

Analog in (input A/B)

CD burner for Foster Multi-Track Connector XLR-3-31 type (Pin2:hot) and 6mm TRS phone

Input level -48dBV (MIC) - +4dBV (LINE)

Input impedance 1.5k ohm or more 400k ohm or more (GUITAR on INPUT A)

Phantom power P48V (on/off selectable)

Stereo out (L, R)

Connector 6mm stereo phone

Output level -10dBV (unbalance)

Load impedance 10k ohm or more

Headphones (phone 1, 2)

Connector 2 x 6mm stereo phone

Max. output 30mW or more (at 32 ohm)

Load impedance 16 ohm or more

Behringer HPX2000 headphones MIDI out

Connector DIN 5 pin

Format MIDI standard

Foot switch

Connector 6mm phone

Level TTL level


Connector B type

USB 1.1

Connector A type


Dimensions 286(W) x 220(D) x 65(H) mm

Weight approx. approx. 1.6kgs

Power requirement DC12V, 400mA

Behringer MR16 powered monitor speakers

The Fostex Recorder rents for $75 per day, plus a one man staff for $120.00 per day when rented without the full GLINN Studio. If you are renting the GLINN Studio, the Fostex Recorder rents for an additional $50 per day. The Fostex Recorder includes the 128 meg. Compact Flash card included with the unit, plus a 1 gig. Compact Flash card.

A portable USB CD burner is optionally available at $18.00 for 24 Hrs. INV# 136. One set of Behringer HPX2000 headphones are included. Behringer MS-16 self-powered monitor speakers are available for $35.00 per day. If you need microphones, etc. a package deal is available.

Includes black Fostex logo carrying case (handle and shoulder strap) and AC adapter 12DC. Will operate on 6 AA batteries, not included.

Rental: 4 hrs. $40.00 8 hrs. $55.00 24 hrs. $75.00

Replacement Cost: $375.00. Foster & Case INV# 198 Serial Number: 0961205SR

TO RENT THIS UNIT call Dan at Office: 305-394-3439 or Cell: 305.394.3439


Dan is also available to assist with your Key West production as a second unit cameraman, soundman, gaffer or grip.

Write to:

Blue Planet Offices, Inc.
1107 Key Plaza, #306
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Office: 305-394-3439

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