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Grip and Gaffer Equipment & Supplies for Rent in Key West, FL

Tripods, Monopod and Dolly Mount

Quantaray Titan II Heavy Duty Tripod.
QT II-950

Titan heavy duty tripod

31 Inches closed.
7.5 Lbs.
Leg Length 68 Inches.
Head Extension 18".
Built-in Bubble Level.
Rental: $35.00 24 Hrs.

Velbon Medium Duty Tripod.

Velbon Medium duty tripod

Rental $20.00 24 Hrs.

Lightweight Tripod.

Light tripod

21 Inches Closed.
2 lbs.
Leg Length 46 Inches.
Head Extenion 10 Inches.
Rental $12.50 24 Hrs.



Monopod with detachable camera mount and carrying strap.

Adjustable head angle.

Rental $15.00 24 Hrs.

Tripod Dolly.

Tripod Dolly flat

Tripod dolly on floor. Holds tripod and rolls in any direction. Center threaded mounting screw allow low camera mounting.

Tripod dolly partly folded up

Convenient push down levers lower feet to render dolly stationary.

Rental $30.00 24 Hrs.
Replacement Cost: $165.00

Filled sandbagSand Bags

Not for a hurricane. We have professional sand bags for video and photo production purposes to hold down light stands, reflectors, cameras and other pieces of equipment. They are filled with nice clean sand from Home Depot, not the beach.

Three sand bags are available. Image on left are two bags without sand. Image on right is a filled bag.
Filled bags are 15 lbs. approx.

Sandbag Rental is $4.00 each for 24 hours..

Movie Clapboard and Video Slate

Lucite clapboard and slate Lucite movie clapboard with two dry erase markers and eraser. $5.00 24 Hrs. Lucite video slate with one dry erase marker. Size: 7" x 9" . Carrying strap. $2.00 24 Hrs.

Cobra MicroTalk Family 14 Channel Walkie Talkies

Cobra Transceivers 4 Available.

Rented in Pairs:
2 Radios 24 hrs. $6.00

Cobra Earphone/Microphones.

4 Available.

Rented in Pairs:
2 Earphone/Mic Units 24 hrs. $4.00

Cobra Ear/Mics

Radio/Grip Vest

SetWear Radio Chest Pak

Radio/Grip Vest

The SetWear cordura radio chest pack SW-05-538 gets your radio out of the way and within ear-shot. It features a 4-way strap design that insures a snug fit, with 2" shoulder straps, tri-ring adjustable strap system and quick release buckles. 2 fold-over compartments keep everything else secure and an elastic safety strap holds the radio in place.

  • 8" tall x 8.5" wide adjusts to many sizes of two-way radios
  • Easy one quick release buckle and you're in or you're out
  • 2" nylon shoulder straps for added comfort
  • Two flap-over storage pockets (5"x7" & 5"x4") to keep your items close to your chest
  • Pen/pencil slot, also holds size AAA mini Mag-lite
  • Tri-Ring adjustment strap system for all shapes and sizes
  • Strong durable construction

  • Rental 24 Hrs. $4.00

    Micro Suction Camera Mount

    Camera suction mount Small suction camera mount. Will mount consumer sized camcorders to glass and other smooth surfaces. Great for car mounting.

    Rental:$12.00 24 Hrs.

    Replacement Value: $40.00

    Clamp Camera Mount with Gooseneck

    Camera clamp mount

    Plastic clamp, 6 inch flexible gooseneck and ball joint with camera screw mount. Compression coupling controls ball joint position.

    Rental: $5.00 24 Hours.

    Mobile Phone Holder

    Mobile Phone Holder

    Phone holder lets you mount your phone on a tripod or on a camera or bracket flash shoe mount. Use with our camera bracket, phone prompter software and have a low cost effective teleprompter system. Capable of holding iPhones and larger phones such as this Samsung Galaxy S5 Active in a case.

    The shoe mount adapter is attached into the tripod screw mount. It can easily be removed. Allows tripod or flash shoe mounts.

    Rental $15 for 24 hrs.

    Replacement Value: $40.00

    12 Volt Power Converter- DC/DC

    Converts 12 volts DC (auto lighter plug) to 9, 7.5, 6, and 3 volts
    with plugs for various electronic devices.

    2 Available. Power Converter

    24 Hour Rental or Less: $2.00

    Universal Power Supply AC to DC

    Converts 120ac to 3, 4.5, 6, 7.5, 9 and 12 vdc. Also includes a polarity switch.
    Maximum Power Output 5 watts.
    Includes plugs for various electronic devices.

    24 Hour Rental or Less: $2.00

    12 Inch Square White Light Tent

    Also called a soft cube or shooting box, the tent is great for lighting jewelry and other small items for your product images on eBay, your website and elsewhere.

    White photo tent

    Rental: 24 hrs. $12.00

    Folds flat.

    24 Inch Square White Light Tent with 4 color backgrounds is available. Rental: 24 hrs. $16.00

    Photography Copy Stand

    Copy stand image We can produce photos for you, or if you have a quality digital camera, rent our copy stand to take photographs of small objects and flat items.

    Grey base. Requires camera with a threaded tripod mounting hole.

    Rental: 24 hrs. $15.00 includes 2 100 Watt Sunlight equivalent Compact Florescent Bulbs.

    Production Assistance Available. Ask for Details.

    A heavy duty HANDTRUCK and 4-WHEEL PLATFORM are also available for rent. A small and large step step-ladder is also available and is great for getting some elevation on your shoots.

    Wheel Platform or Hand Rental Truck: Rental: $7.00 24 Hours.


    Camouflage Rolling Tote Bag

    Rolling Bag Rental: $10.00 for 24 Hrs.

    Replacement Cost: $80.00 INV# 119

    GAFFER SUPPLIES- We also have available 2" white and black gaffers tape, 2" green duct tape, green screen tape, and other items.

    Minimum rental $15.00 per 24 Hrs.


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