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Our MXB1002 gives you the option of AC or battery power in an extremely flexible mixer with the audio quality and features you expect from a BEHRINGER console, opening the door to numerous additional applications. It features two mono, three stereo and a separate stereo tape return channel. All stereo channels have separate gain controls for mic and line inputs, allowing both inputs to be active. Each channel offers our renowned 3-band EQ plus two aux sends; inserts are provided on the mono channels. Phantom power and balanced inputs and outputs round out this professional package.

The EURORACK MXB1002 features extremely rugged construction, including high-grade sealed ALPS faders and pots, which ensure durability under the most demanding conditions.

Channel inputs 10
Mono channels 2
Stereo channels 3
Stereo tape return channel
1 INVISIBLE MIC PREAMPS 5 2-track output 1
EQ (all channels)
3-band FX sends
1 Monitor sends
1 Channel inserts
2 Phantom power +18 V (battery)/+23 V (AC) Optional AC or battery operation (with alkaline batteries) Rack-mounting kit included

MXB1002 Manual in PDF File

Full image showing detail

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