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Blue Planet Media Logo Alesis TransActive Live Portable iPod PA Speaker System
with Professional Alesis Wireless Microphone System

Alesis TransActive Live Portable iPod PA Speaker System Forget consumer iPod docks. This is a professional system ideal for use at weddings and other events. Save the cost of a DJ ($495.00+) for a wedding reception and have music for your ceremony too by recording your own music and using our Alesis system. Self contained power for 12 hours of use, even on the beach.

Dock accepts all iPod music players, the Apple iPhone, or you can plug your netbook or laptop computer into it. Create your own wedding music and reception music before you come to Key West. Save a bundle of money.


You can also plug a guitar into it, a CD player or other device. We include a 1/8" jack cable to plug in other devices by a headphone jack.

Recommended for small groups of under 20 people. Not recommended for locations with lots of background noise. Ask us, we have been to all the venues. See our main site for specification details and other options.

Alesis MicLink Wireless Microphone System Great for the beach. Wireless microphone system, including receiver, is battery powered too. No cords to drag around. No need for an electrical outlet.

Complete Package Price:
Rental 4 Hrs. $85.00, 8 Hrs. $95.00, 24 Hrs. $115.00,

Rental Includes Alesis Transactive Live, Alesis Wireless Miclink, Audio Technica Professional Microphone, Delivery, Setup and Pickup. Plus $4.88 local and state sales tax (4 Hr. Rental). No tax on delivery.

The Alesis, Glipro and Ignite accept stereo inputs, although they play both channels thru the same speakers. View Size Comparison Photo.

Glipro XP-15WL front image Blue Planet Media Logo Glipro XP-15WL Portable PA System with 2 Wireless Microphones

Upgrade to 80 Watts of Power & 2 Wireless Microphones.

2 GliPro Mics The perfect PA system for larger groups for up to 40 people and the ability to play music from files on a USB thumb drive, MMC or SD memory card. We also provide cables to connect an iPhone or iPod, laptop or any other device to play music.

Complete Package:
80 Watt Portable (AC/Battery) Glipro PA System, 2 Wireless Microphones (shown above), 1 Microphone Stand, all cables, Delivery/Setup and Pickup.

If you are using this at a fixed location, for more effective use in a crowd of people, we recommend putting it on a speaker stand. Less sound is absorded that way by people and clothing, etc. when it is at head height and its effective volume is increased. Add $5.00.

Rental 4 Hrs. $105.00, 8 Hrs. $115.00, 24 Hrs. $125.00

Plus $8.67 local and state sales tax (4 Hr. Rental). No tax on delivery.

Blue Planet Media LogoIgnite Ignite Pro 12 Pro 12" Pro Series Speaker DJ / PA System Rechargeable / Bluetooth 1500W

Ignite Pro PA Speaker- PPS-12BT is rated at 1500W peak, 350 RMS which works out to about 150 Watts of continuous program volume. This system includes 2 wireless microphones. It is smaller than the Glipro but is louder. One small but nice feature is that it has holders for the microphones on each side. One feature this unit has the others don't is that is has individual volume controls for each wireless microphone.

This system is battery operated (plus AC line power of course) and as it weighs much less than the Glipro it is ideal for using at a wedding and then at the reception being easier to move. It has an extending handle on top, wheels on the bottom and two side handles.

Item Specification:

Includes the 2 wireless microphones and one wired microphone for backup. Package Rental 4 Hrs. $115.00, 8 Hrs. $135.00, 24 Hrs. $145.00

Replacement Cost: $400.00 INV# 229

Blue Planet Media Logo Acoustic Audio/QFX PA Stereo Speakers w/600 Watt Amp/Mixer

Powerful Speakers Upgrade to 600 Watts of Power.

These uniquely versatile speakers can be used in a wide array of applications. These 3-way speakers are absolutely PRO Power. Each speaker will handle from 250 watts RMS to 500 watts each while incorporating a top notch pro look and appeal. They feature two digitally tuned ports, 6.25" inch PVA treated high power 3-way woofers and 25mm loaded piezo horn tweeters for 30% deeper bass and wider sound dispersion than other leading brands.

Recommended for groups up to 60 people. Also recommended for receptions where you want pounding music for dancing with full stereo sound and channel separation. Access to AC line power required.

Power Handling Capabilities:
250 Watts RMS to 500 Watts Maximum Each
Speaker Dimensions Each: 13 x 8 x 7 inches.

GP 600 Watt Mixer 8 Channel 600 watt mixer amplifier. Dual digital effects.

2 X300 Watt RMS @ 4 Ohms, 2 X 200 Watt RMS @ 8 Ohms
Inputs: 1/4", Balanced XLR , RAC, Left / Right Level Controls
Graphic Equalizer: 2x7 band, Phantom Power: +48V
Echo: 16DSP, Four 1/4" Outputs ( 2 Left & 2 Right )
Dimensions ( W x H x D ) 18' x 12" x 12", Weight: 23 lbs

Complete Package:

Pair of Speakers, 2 Speaker Stands, 2 Pyle Wireless Microphones (shown in below listing), 1 Wired Microphone, 1 Microphone Stand, 600 Watt GTD Amplifier with 8 channel mixer (shown right), speaker wires, 1/8" patch cable to attach music devices and phones, plus delivery, setup and pickup.

Rental: $130.00 4 Hr., $145.00 8 Hrs., $165.00 24 Hrs.

Plus 7.5% Local and State Tax of $9.75 (Based on 4 Hr. Rental).

Blue Planet Media Logo Rockville 2000 Watt Powered Speakers with Wireless/Wired Microphones

Rockville Power Speaker System The RPG-15BT is a complete all-in-one 15" PA system. Everything you need in a pro PA system setup is included: You get two 15" pro audio speakers (1,000 Watts each) with 2000 watts of total power. The system includes two master active speakers. Rounding off this system are speaker stands so you can mount the speakers, a microphone and all connection cables necessary, so that you can get your party started right for one flat fee. The RPG-15BT is perfect for DJ applications, karaoke, and parties or for live music gigs.

This system includes 2 active speakers which provides full stereo and is perfect for connection to DJ decks and other stereo sources. With 2,000 watts of power, your wedding reception or party will be jumping. All cables included. Also connect to one speaker with your smart phone.

15" Woofers. Bluetooth, USB, SD Card, FM Radio and wired inputs.

Recommended for up to 200 people and when you really want to talk and then dance to intense stereo music.

The RPG15BT has a great Bluetooth integration, USB input, SD card input, and preset digital graphic equalizer effects, and a wireless remote control. The woofers were upgraded with 3" high power aluminum voice coils while the highs come from a 25mm (1 inch) compression horn driver. The ABS plastic polymer cabinet is time aligned with the drivers so the system is optimized to deliver a massive amount of bass, clean mids, and clear highs. The main active unit features a Clip LED indicator to let you know when you are beginning to distort so you can keep control on the music. Separate Bass and Treble controls are also included so that you can custom tailor your sound stage. There is also a built in equalizer allowing you to adjust the sound to the style of music you are listening too.

Rockville Speaker Back Rockville AMP Panel Features:

Pyle Pro 2 Wireless Microphone System

Complete Package:Includes 2 Speakers with amplifiers, 2 Speaker Stands, 1 Wired Microphone, 1 Microphone Stand, 2 Mic Pyle Wireless Microphone System (shown above & with new batteries), Remote Control. Velcro attaches the wireless microphone receiver on the top back of the amp speaker so it is secure and out of the way.

Rental: $185.00 4 Hr., $205.00 8 Hrs., $225.00 24 Hrs.

Rental - One Speaker Only: $125 4 Hr., $135.00 8 Hr. $145.00 24 Hr.

Plus 7.5% Local and State Tax of $13.87 (Based on 4 Hr. Rental).

Pair VM Audio Speakers on stands Blue Planet Media Logo VM Audio VAS4210P 2200 Watt 4-Way Dual 10" DJ Loud Speakers, Shaker Series with 4,500 Watt Musysic Stereo Amplifier

Recommended for groups up to 200 people and when you really want to talk and then dance. AC line power is required.

Behringer EuroRack MXB1002 Mixer

Includes VM Audio Pair of Speakers, 2 Speaker Stands, Musysic 4,500 Watt 2 Channel Stereo Amplifier (shown below - front & back), Behringer EuroRack MXB1002 6 Channel Stereo Mixer (shown right), 2 Pyle Wireless Microphones (shown in above listing), 1 Wired Microphone, 1 Mic Stand, Professional SpeakOn Speaker Cables, Delivery, Setup and Pickup.

Musysic 2500 Watt Amp Front Musysic 2500 Watt Amp Back

Complete Package:
Rental: $175.00 4 Hr., $195.00 8 Hrs., $225.00 24 Hrs.

Plus 7.5% Local and State Tax of $12.00 (Based on 4 Hr. Rental).

Our delivery vehicle always has multiple extension cords, power strips and other needed items.

Blue Planet Media Logo Blue Planet offers Monster 6,500 and 11,000 Watt Stereo Systems for a true concert experience. (Actually most music performances are single channel/mono when amplified, but it sounds good because it is live, and not a reproduction.) We provide a range of video projectors and screens, plus equipment for sound recording, video production and lots of other things at our website. We even have tents, tables, chairs and special stands.

Disco and Party Lighting Now Available.

Professional Gobo Monogram projector coming soon.

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