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clapboard image Monroe County Tourist Development Council Film Commission

Rita Brown, is the Monroe County Tourist Development Council's film commissioner.

The Film Commission's purpose, according to the TDC's 2004-2005 marketing plan, "is to bring awareness of our location to the television, video and print industry." The commission also provides assistance and support to productions shooting in the Keys, and may also provide information, props or signs to help a production company in creating a story involving Monroe County. The commission currently has a budget of $75,000 and works with the Florida governor's office of Film and Entertainment ( which has an office in Los Angeles, where the TDC Film Commission pursues leads.

City and county permits for shooting film are free.

Florida's Entertainment Industry Financial Incentive Program, which began July 1 this year, mandates a minimum expenditure of $850,000 for motion pictures, a TV movie, series pilot, episode or commercial, music video or educational or industrial film. Maximum reimbursement for motion pictures is $2 million; for TV movies and a series pilot, it's $450,000; for a TV episode, it's $150,000; for a commercial or music video, $25,000; for an educational or industrial film, $15,000.

For more information, see the Film Commission's Web site at or call Brown at (305)296-1552.

Old time camera Key West City Film Commission

Information on Filming Permits: Irma Boveda, City of Key West, Post Office Box 1409, Key West, FL 33041-1409. Phone: 305-809-3883. Fax: 305-809-3886.

Contact the above for information on filming permits. Insurance Requirements: $1,000,000 General Liability, $1,000,000 Auto Liability with the City to be named as additionally insured. $50,000 Auto Property Damage and the Statutory for Workers Compensation. The insuring carrier must maintain an A.M. rating of no less than B plus and be of financial size category of V or higher.

Applicant must hold the City harmless from any and all liability for damages arising out of, or related to, your activities in Key West.

Applicant must contact the Florida Keys & Key West Film Industry Liaison Rita Brown at 1-800-FILM-KEY (345-6539).

Useful Information and Resources

Useful information - the worldwide guide to film and production services

ProductionHUB, Inc. ( is the leading online resource and industry directory for film, television, video and digital media production. Developed as a tool for people to locate production products, services and professionals, ProductionHUB has grown to become the number one production search engine. Over 100,000 monthly users rely on ProductionHUB to deliver up-to-date information related to the production industry.

Film in Florida: Location Photo Library Search

Motion Picture Editors Guild

Editor's Network

DV.Com- DV Magazine, DV Expo

Excellent article on lighting for television and on location


directly illuminated by the sun = 100,000 lux
bright overcast day = 1,000 lux
commercial artificial light like a typical mall with no added daylight = 150 lux
average indoor lighting = 100 - 1,000 lux
dark overcast day - high quality threshold for most camcorders in daylight mode = 100 lux
room lit by single ceiling light bulb = 50 lux
light from 60w bulb from 10 feet away = 10 lux
early twilight = 10 lux
late twilight = 1 lux
full moon = 0.1 lux

Know Your TV Color Bars 
Additive Color Mixing








R + G +B - Blue - Red Primary - Green Primary Primary

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